Ukraine info

Here is the most important information about Ukraine which you can ever find.  It is told you about climate and nature, weather, religion.

Ukraine - State of the Central-Eastern Europe, located in the temperate latitudes.

The most populated Donetsk region. - 195 pers. / Km, the least Chernihiv region  - 42 pers. / Km. The average life expectancy for men is about 62 years, women - 73 years. Sex structure has remained stable for many years - 46% of men and 54% of women.

Ukraine - a country with a developed scientific and industrial base. In addition to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, Ukraine has a heavy engineering, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and aircraft construction, oil and gas and chemical industry, food industry developed. In Ukraine, the thriving trade in a variety of HVAC equipment, including air conditioning.

Ukraine carries out foreign trade operations with 190 countries. The largest trade partners are Russia, the European Union, the United States, Turkey, and China.

Also going to Ukraine you have a chance to go on some Ukrainian holidays. Here is information about Ukrainian celebrations, how Ukrainians celebrate holidays, their traditions and customs.

You should not be concerned about your safety in Ukraine. Ukrainian guard will protect you from every person who can harm you and every event which can give you problems.

Going through the articles you can find out Ukrainian resorts. Choosing some of them you have a possibility to calm down and have a break on the coasts of the Black sea.

If you do not speak in Ukrainian and Russian, article which is written about languages in Ukraine will tell that Ukrainian people know more than Ukrainian and Russian languages and you will not have proms of speaking there.