Traffic rules in Ukraine

In Ukraine, right-sided vehicles are established. Road users and Kiev escorts girls need to know and consistently comply with the requirements of these Regulations, as well as being relatively polite. Every road user has a right to expect that other participants fulfill these rules. Action or inaction of road users and other persons should not create a danger or obstruction to traffic, danger to life or health of citizens, causing material damage.

A person who has created such conditions, shall immediately take steps to ensure traffic safety on this stretch of road and take all possible measures to remove obstacles, and if it is not possible to warn them about the other road, to inform the police sub-section, the owner or authorized road his body. Use of the road is not permitted by their purpose to meet the supplies of Articles 36-38 of the Law of Ukraine "On the roads." Drivers, pedestrians, Ukraine escort girls and passengers must be particularly attentive to these categories of road users such as children, the elderly and those with obvious signs of disability.

The restriction to traffic, except as provided in these Rules may be implemented in accordance with legislation. Persons who infringe these rules shall be legally responsible in accordance with the law.

Permitted to carry passengers in a vehicle equipped with seating in an amount which provides technical characteristics so that they do not get in the way with the driver to operate a vehicle and do not restrict visibility, according to the rules of carriage? Drivers of vehicles and Kiev escorts are prohibited route for passengers to talk with them, eat, drink, smoke, and carry passengers and cargo in the cabin if it is separated from the passenger compartment.

Before leaving, the driver of the truck shall instruct passengers or Kiev escorts about their responsibilities and the rules of planting, planting, placement, and behavior in the body. You can start a movement, just making sure that the conditions for the safe transport of passengers.