Security in Ukraine

Human security depends on 3 factors: state of the environment, from the government systems of human security, from people themselves (their mental, physiological characteristics, from their knowledge and skills to act). Kiev escorts can help with it.

To stay safe you should not walk around at night in the sleeping areas of the city, use the services of prostitutes on the streets, only Kiev escort girls carry a lot of money, to argue with a drunk in restaurants or cafes on the streets to buy "gold jewelry".

The Security Service is committed to the state felt confident in the European and world building. According to the legislation by the information-analytical activities to promote the leadership of Ukraine in the implementation of foreign and domestic policy in the direction of the restructuring of the state, strengthening its defense capabilities and economic potential, enhance international cooperation.

Ukraine has the police, which looks after the regularity. Police are professionals, who on behalf of the state maintain order and fight with crime.

Also new is that police, in contrast to the policeman, the law must not only save from harm the life, health, human rights and freedom of society, but also to provide emergency medical assistance to citizens affected by the criminal or administrative offenses (if the victim is injured or beaten by a bully). Troubling that the police may use special equipment (handcuffs rubber batons, gas, stun grenades, water cannons, etc.) against any citizen, but now the law "On Police" expressly prohibits their use against pregnant women, elderly, children and disabled persons, except in cases group attack on the police or other citizens. But the bill specifies that the order of non-lethal weapons is regulated by the Cabinet, so if the law is adopted, then surely the prohibition to use force against the elderly, etc., will register in a government decree.