Communication among people in Ukraine

Main type of communication among people is language. In Ukraine national language is Ukrainian, but Kiev escorts also speak in Russian. In western part of Ukraine it is very important to speak in Ukrainian. Some people even cannot understand you if you say something in Russian.

Among foreign languages the most common are English and Deutsch. So if foreign traveler needs help in Ukraine, Kiev escorts will with pleasure help him. There many Kiev escort girls learn English from childhood, because Ukrainians are smart people and know that everything like technique, documents are in the international language – English.

In Ukraine also you can find films, newspapers, songs, performances on different language. There is an article about that most Ukrainians and Ukraine escorts know English language and can always explain to a foreigner. Also there are many social sites where Ukrainians can speak with foreigner.

Some organizations in Ukraine fight against Russian language. They think if we are Ukrainians so we must speak only in Ukrainian language. But it does not make the life in Ukraine harder. For foreign travelers there is always help from Kiev escorts, because they are very friendly and kind. For example, waitress will serve and bring what you want with pleasure or it is no problems to buy tickets on the stations. Especially after Euro 2012 almost all social workers know how to help foreigners.

Language is like a path to understanding and Ukraine is rich on languages. Ukrainian is very polite and melodic language and people are proud of it. But also there is another language which is consisted of two languages – Russian and Ukrainian. It is called "surzhik".  Firstly it was written in the composition "Natalka-Poltavka" by Ian Kotlyarevskiy. Small number of people speaks in surzhik, it is common in villages.