Celebration in Ukraine

Like every country Ukraine has holidays which Kiev escorts celebrate with pleasure respecting traditions. For example New Year, Christmas, Easter, International Women`s Day and so on. Ukrainians and Kiev escort girls do love holidays and prepare for them very attentively.

New Year was always the most favorite holiday among children and Ukraine escorts. The smell of mandarins and decorated fir-tree, playing snowballs, making snowman, fireworks, Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) with gifts under the chiming clock, ding-dong clink of glasses of champagne reminds this bright holiday which is celebrated on January the first.

The most famous religious holiday in Ukraine is Christmas. Kiev escorts like it.  In Ukraine, Christmas celebrations begin in the holy night – on January the 6th. On the actual Christmas (January 7) prepare a big family dinner. Lent ended, so the table can be present a variety of meat dishes: homemade sausages, roast suckling pig, little pig, stuffed with buckwheat, goose or duck with apples, duck with cabbage, jelly, ham, pork, lamb side with porridge and pancakes jellied fish, pies and cakes. Also people go to the church to sanctify the water and dish.

Another the most religious holiday is Easter. Easter in Ukraine is celebrated every first week after the vernal equinox and full moon. The main place on the holiday table is Easter pies and krashanki which are laid on the greens. In addition, each owner is preparing a traditional Ukrainian and favorite family holiday meals. There are plenty of Easter funs. Most popular now - this is a game in the chops when the children, and not just choose Easter eggs and knock them on one another. Whose is broken, he is a loser.

Year after year for decades, March the 8th brings into our drab bit of romance, because on this day the majority of men seeking to join the chivalrous traditions. Women`s day for Kiev escorts  is a special day, when men congratulate women. There are different types of congratulations: from a romantic dinner in a restaurant to a noisy party at a popular nightclub. For example, a ride in a real coach, in which your lady can not wait for a luxurious bouquet of flowers.