About Ukraine

Ukraine is a wonderful country and the capital of it is Kiev. The main international events take place exactly there.  The territory is about 603,700 thousand square kilometers and the population is 45 million 603 thousand 210 people. The most huge and famous towns in Ukraine are Kherson, Odessa, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donezk, Zaporozhie, Lviv and so on.

Ukrainian people and sure Kiev escorts speak in two languages: Ukrainian and Russian, but the national one is Ukrainian. And many Kiev escorts know foreign languages and become excellent specialists.

Most of the territory has a flat character: 70% are lowlands, 25% - a hill and only 5% - of the mountain. South and south-west of the country is occupied by Ukrainian Carpathians. The absolute height is 120 to 2000 m highest point - Mount Goverla (2061 m above sea level). In the south of the Crimean peninsula on the 180 km stretch Crimean mountains with heights ranging from 70 to 1200 m highest peak in the Crimean mountains - Roman-Kosh (1545 m).

Ukraine is washed by the Black (area of ​​422 km2, average depth of 1271 m) and Azov Seas. The Sea of ​​Azov - the shallowest sea in the world strongly juts out into the land. The largest lake is (km2): Sasyk (Kunduk) (205) Ialpug (149), Kugurluy (94), Cahul (90).

The independence day of Ukraine is on the 24th of August and the Day of Constitution is on the 28th of June. The biggest number of Ukrainians is Christians and the currency of Ukraine is hryvnya.

Kiev escort girls do love their motherland Ukraine so they observe customs and traditions of every holiday they celebrate such as New Year, Christmas, Easter and so on.

Ukraine is parliament republic. The government structure consists of President who is on the top of Ukraine and Verhovna Rada. All politics and ministers are sitting and the main problems are being solved there.