Strip club "Tato club"

Tato club in Kiev names in honor of its founder and is a fashion club, which suggests you to appreciate the beauty in all its manifestation, together with the elegance of the female body.

Strip Club pay a special place for striptease: the most beautiful dancers and complex numbers, have always been a "counter" of the place where rests the best audience worthy of the best staff and the most vivid impressions.

Female who are acting in the Tato club is an excellent preparation and throw out all his skill on the podium, around which can comfortably accommodate a fairly large viewers.

There are all types of entertainment, and the fact that the holiday takes place in a club with so much more chic design warms the soul.

Tato club is the place where you can sit at a cozy little table, and together with the audience to applaud the talent of dancers, and you can enjoy a private dance in a separate room where no one cannot appreciate the beauty of women except you.

A breath of hot air prairies, the land is red-hot from dancing and bare beauties. Here in Tato club, everything from stylized hut entrance and ending with the skins of animals on the walls, reminds us of a distant continent, where nature reigns over man. Such an atmosphere increases the perception of emotional striptease, because hot sexy ladies take off from a recent leopard skins - is appealing to the animal.

Some of the most talented young dancers perform their numbers here in strip club. Statements in this club collect the whole styptic sold out, and men always come to see the favorite dancers and once again applaud their talent.

Very stylish and mysterious place is Tato club. It is mysterious because thanks to the dim light and literate table location has been reached the atmosphere of privacy. Guests are sitting alone, contemplating something very personal and disturbing the soul.