Strip club "Egoist"

Strip club "Egoist" in Kiev is a paradise for every woman, the area of ​​beauty and seduction, the play of light and illusion. It is a place with a warm atmosphere, which is likely to appeal to connoisseurs of stylish relaxation. The atmosphere of glamour will take you full of pleasure. The interior has a unique style, creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The original design of the podium and a cozy arrangement of sofas and tables allow you to close all watching what is happening on the podium.

After a busy day, visit "Egoist" at the light and see the amazing MEN-SHOW, you will never forget, because the men’s` dance - it is tempting action. The sensual man, who owns sexy body and dignified presents it to you - a paradise for every woman. Leave the anxiety of the past and plunge into the world of illusion and fantasy. Monty will help reduce stress for women who are forced to work hard and think about you loved. Men are ready to satisfy all your wishes. There is no need to be distracted by extraneous thoughts; we have created all conditions for your holiday. After all, every visitor to VIP-Dame!

Services that are offered to visitors of strip bars "Egoist" only premium: author and Japanese cuisine, a bar with an elite and elegant card drinks, hookah menu from Eastern masters, who have more than 20 kinds of hookahs and lots of kinds of tobacco, erotic Show temptation and serene atmosphere of relaxation in strip club "Egoist".

The team of the club will take into account all your wishes and create a festive atmosphere for you and your guests. The program deserves special attention. It vividly reveals the beauty and grace of a man"s body, creating an unforgettable atmosphere and makes the "Egoist" unique. Along with the beauty of the body are present theatrical craftsmanship and unique atmosphere of the institution, which try to please not only the body but the soul. Plastic body representation supports the foundation consisting of a set of interesting and exclusive rooms that can surprise even the most sophisticated audience in strip club "Egoist". Here you can comfortably spend time and find a refinement of taste in every detail.