Restaurant "To To"

With dreams of a country house with a toothed fence and fragrant white flowers on the windowsill can encounter in the middle of the week, and right in the heart of the city, not dropping out of the long working hours. Restaurant "To To" in Krasnoarmeyskaya street: sounds easy, like a feather - it looks pretty as the picture.

It seems that the threshold of "To To" can only cross the cheerful walk with enthusiasm whistling a favorite tune. This place magically evokes the mood of a carefree and healthy "rustic" appetite. Easy coquettish "To To" collected "the cream" tastes mix Kiev and unobtrusively into a compact but meaty menu. Motives for European kitchens: Carpaccio, Italian sausages and a plateau of French cheeses, fine cream soup - cheese, mushroom, salmon, salads, champions "Caprese" and "Greek," "Caesar" with chicken or prawns , warm meat salad - with chicken liver or beef, grill menu and a menu of classic pasta, ravioli and risotto, 8 varieties of pizza, your favorite desserts - Pan-cotta, tiramisu in "To To". The names of the menu does not cause problems, which significantly saves time option prices - are available, which initially prevents any vigilance and allows you to fully relax in restaurant "To To", and dishes - definitely appetizing and varied enough to run too far here several times a week, while maintaining a sense of novelty.

The restaurant is decorated in a favorite of the people of Kiev chaste aesthetics of French Provence. Interior is clean and bright. Wallpaper in the striped color of fresh grass, floral curtains, a little "worn" furniture and lots of household goods: porcelain figurines and tableware, wicker baskets and sewn collection of geese - all of this resonates with the most impressive countryside recreation. In the hall so much light that the head unconsciously turned towards the source. Sills also not empty: fruit baskets, and pots of colorful flowers, "blur" the window - so that the sight of this celebration of life on the outside, there is a desire to be involved in this pleasant, slightly idealized reality in wonderful restaurant.