Restaurant "Tee Art"

The Ukrainian restaurant is not necessarily famous tavern paraphernalia, or a restaurant with nationalized cookery. The restaurant in Ukraine is a place that is appropriate for recreation of our people. To understand the Ukrainian soul and the latent desires of the restaurant connoisseur, and to put it all in one place could the restaurant "Tee Art."

Kitchen for a "Tee Art" as a picture for the gallery: the heart of concentration of arts, it is for true connoisseurs. Kitchen "Tee Art" led by big-name chef Philippe Nguyen, familiar to many people of Kiev and restaurant critics for its triumphs at the restaurant "Concord." It has its own style, its unique approach and its own scale of standards of quality products. This fusion is with an emphasis on high Italian food and beer list of options. Sophisticated mixture salads, serving dishes of foreign fish and shellfish, an assortment of square and Carpaccio, interesting and challenging mix are in the menu of the restaurant.

In the "Tee Art" it is great to hold the festivals. And not because of it focuses on them, but because they had an outstanding turn out. It is well-known that if a person likes to act something, he will lay his pleasure.  Organization of holidays of the restaurant managers - implementation of creativity and a sort of leisure pursuit. Therefore, in the arsenal of the place - an incredible number of attributes that make the holidays memorable. Tableware for all occasions: for weddings - sweet, ripe for the celebrations - an expensive luxury, fun - for children, an assortment of tablecloths, napkins and curtains.

The location of the best restaurants in the capital is the center of Ukraine. "Tee Art" has chosen for itself a very sought-after location. It is like a delicious white mushroom hidden in the plants of one of the courtyards at Voskresenka. And believe, finding a secluded place you cannot exchange the "Tee Art" to any other restaurant!