Trallebus pub

People are always looking for something special, of high-quality and at the same time something pleasant and non-binding. The first variant is woman’s hugs. Well, it is a joke, but in fact Kiev escort services can offer hotel room or apartment where a person can spend time with well-educated, sexy, beautiful escort girl. They can make sex, drink champagne, dance fully naked… That is really good. But when we talk about public places where people can drink and eat, listen to music and communicate with friends it is necessary to admit that majority of customers and visitors want to enjoy their evening in such site where atmosphere is light and everyone can feel free and peaceful, without worrying of fitting some rules and regulations. Pubs are such suitable places in all meanings. And among pubs of capital of Ukraine there is a chain of nation-wide favorite pubs with the strange name "Trallebus".

One of the most attractive things in this chain is special habit of making mistake. But do not be afraid – it does not relate to bill transactions or order details. The staff consists of professional employees that know their work and are always welcoming and polite. Mistakes are made in different names of dishes or notices or announcements – for improving the mood of clients by making them smile. And it is not the only thing that gives "Trallebus" its charisma and character.

There are five sites of "Trallebus" pub chain in Kiev, situated in different parts of the city. They are very typical, almost the same - having similar pictures and posters on the walls, lamps and lights looking like taken from past century, cocktails and drinks of various brands. The "Trallebus" pub holds different art projects and special festivals, actions and competitions, for example, Museum of used trolleybus ticket.

The cuisine is good both for simple food and for sophisticated preferences – wide range of various dishes of meat, fish, vegetables, etc. are cooked and serviced fast and to a good quality.