Naturlich Pub

The name of this pub origins from German "natürlich" that translates as "of course", "indeed" or "you bet!". And this name already shows that the pub is open for everyone. It has pleasant atmosphere and is cozy, with friendly atmosphere and smiling hospitable staff.

The interior design is made in folk German style, but contains some modern funny things like different jokes in menu or sticks and announcements. One of the most peculiar things is traditions and customs of this site – you can order a dish or drink with special servicing. It can be musical accompaniment, funny role-play or joking method.

There are special beer nights here, the pub works Sunday to Thursday till 1 am, and from Friday – Saturday – from 9 am till 6 am, so all night long at the weekend.

Bavarian beer or fresh Ukrainian kinds of this drink are always in wide range in pub "Naturlich!". Indeed, any wish can be made true here, especially when the guests and clients come here with escort girls from Kiev agencies. These hot and smart ladies are always witty and pleasant in communication.

People say "Naturlich" in Kiev can offer more kinds of draught beer than elite German pub and the prices are rather low, especially with regard to the pub’s dislocation – in center of Kiev, almost on Main Street of Ukrainian capital – just few meters from Khreschatyk.

Friday and Saturday’s evenings are night of live music and friendly meetings. There are 4 rooms in this pub, and each of them has its special features. First two are for people who like to observe the city life – there are large windows and cozy bar-stands, smoking is allowed here, but the third room is more festival and joyful one – like part of Oktoberfest put in Kiev pub. And the fourth is for small companies or people in love with half lights, shadows, candles and romantic atmosphere. For more active and sport fans there are ten screens where different sport events are broadcasted.

Naturlich pub is indeed one of the best and cheapest sites of such kind in Kiev city.