Lucky Pub

The name of this place already sets the mood – if you have come to Lucky Pub you will certainly get the fortune.

The interior is full of different funny elements and cheery details. Posters are humorous and various announcements and pub calendar has special signs and slogans to make the visitors feel cheered up. People who created the inner design of Lucky Pub tried to show that number thirteen is not awful or bad – on the contrary this date is the best for diverse competitions, festivals, special projects and events. The cupboard filled with beer cups and glasses near the entrance suggests that here you can get beer of any kind and amount – draught or bottle, light or dark, foreign and Ukrainian.

The ground floor room is for non-smoking people. It is very cozy and pleasant for small and large companies. The first floor is for smokers and fans of live music because every Thursday to Saturday here are held concerts and music projects of cover bands of different music styles.

Between the ground floor and first floor there is a special place - gambling hall. Here guests can play kicker (mini-football) or read funny and witty posters on the walls.

The chief cook has been working here for long time and is always trying to make the menu richer and better. So there are no complaints on food and drinks, food presentation. It is usually said that only lucky people can get a table here on the weekend evenings. But it does not stop dozens of people to try.

Or spend time sitting in corner by the table for two, in particular when you have dinner with wonderful model from Ukrainian escort services. Kiev escort girls like visiting different places and be sure that Lucky Pub is one of the most favorite sites not only because of its delicious cuisine, interesting design and welcoming staff – on the doors of bathroom there is special poster with positions for extreme sex with Kiev escort. So you can always try something new in Lucky Pub, notwithstanding the drinks and dishes.