Goose Pub

This place is suitable for different people. Students or employees can have breakfast and lunch here, small and large companies of friends and colleagues are invited to have drinks and dinner, people in love can just sit and listen to live music while drinking cocktails… For foreigners and businessmen from other cities and towns of Ukraine this pub in capital of Ukraine is always open along with Kiev escort services that offer great deal of choice. Escort girls from various Ukrainian regions and districts, all polite, sexy, sweet and intelligent are perfect company for night in pub and then in hotel.

The name of this pub rises questions whether the place has something connected with goose. And the menu answers with sausages made of goose, goose meat in orange souse, salad with foyers and branded beer "Goose light" and "Goose dark" of course!

As usual, the pub has a room for smokers and for those who do not have this habit. And eight TV-sets get incomparable pleasure of watching football matches and sports events in the friendly circle of peers. On Friday and Saturday there are live performances and metropolitan beginner stars.

Interior of Goose Pub meets all the standards and requirements of the European pubs: Natural stone and wood are used to stress the simplicity and public character of the place.

Those who prefer to spend time in the friendly company can sit on the classic pub wooden chairs at a wide table that fits for a lot of beer and snacks. The special atmosphere, of course, creates a "goose" theme, which is present not only in the menu but also in the interior in the form of funny pictures, figurines and various reminders of your favorite characters, as well as antique weapons, mugs and all sorts of interesting attributes of pub.

The Goose Pub is located practically in the center of Kiev –in historic and well-known Podil district, rich of monuments, historical buildings etc.