Conductor Pub

Sometimes different owners of entertainment sites borrow the design or concept of the place. It is not bad while the site in each town, city or country still remains specific and original in some way. The Conductor Pub has borrowed a lot from Helsinki Pub with the same entourage and concept, but became peculiar in Ukraine, having included our authentic relation to things and a bit of history of the first tramways in Kiev.

Being dislocated in Podil, one of the oldest and the most events-rich cultural place in capital of Ukraine, the Conductor Pub is ready to offer large menu facilities: 181 gastronomic meals of the 134 organic ingredients. And there are European, Ukrainian and Russian cuisines. This place is really commodious and can serve all these dishes to 300 visitors and guests at once on 300 seats. There are 2 floors, and 2 VIP rooms, among them – division for smokers and non-smokers. The cocktail and beer cards give a great deal of choice and have special offers for male and female parts. So if you want to come here with your Kiev escort girl, be sure she will be satisfied with drinks and meal. And then she can satisfy all your desires because Ukraine escort girls are hot and witty, slutty and pleasant in anytime.

Unique interior of the Conductor pub is made in the English style, skilled chefs and professional staff (some English speaking) is fast and welcoming, leaving you with good memories for a long time. It is also possible to book a table and make a reservation in advance · - a maximum of 3 months before the event.

In the Conductor pub the 1st floor is installed with Hi-Fi music system with two subwoofers that does not disturb the conversation and create an atmosphere for a pleasant communication and dating. Video projector and 4 large screens allow you to fully enjoy the world of professional sports and watch favorite sport programs or football broadcasts. Access to the Internet via Wi-Fi and ability to receive digital photos from the Conductor pub photographer make the pub more heartwarming.