BigBen Pub

Kiev citizens have already heard a lot about brand-new entertaining complex "Dreamtown", built not so long time ago. There are plenty of bars, cafes, pizzerias there but one pub is considered to be slightly greater than others. The matter is that it combines sports, namely football theme, and English style. So…For your attention – "BigBen Pub".

This site was opened less than a year ago but has already taken its place in list of the most charismatic pubs of Kiev. For all football fans and hooligans this place is like sweet home – great deal of choice of draught beer and bottle beer and other alcohol/non-alcohol drinks, diverse dishes from international cuisine and the ability to watch football matches or other sport events or programs. Moreover, here a person can spend time with Ukrainian escort girls. Any of these Kiev escorts can become perfect partner for evening and night. Start with a good beer and watching football. Adrenaline, passion and funny escort girl can become splendid mix of pleasure and fun.

The firm beer is light and has rich aftertaste. The menu can impress by great variety of salads. Beer plates have usual set of cheese, calamari rings, fried onion rings, Bavarian sausages and souse, and the crockery is well-sized and is sometimes of peculiar shape for more interesting service.

Design is full of posters that reflect and depict England, Englishmen, real wooden guitars and old vinyl records on the ceiling and walls.

The "ginger" of this place is "dancing staff idea". There are supposed to be special minutes during working shifts when waiters and barmen stop doing everything and begin dancing for heating the atmosphere in the BigBen pub.

So after tiresome shopping in huge mall people can spend few hours relaxing, eating, socializing and drinking high-quality beer. That’s the character of relatively new pub in "Dream town" center.