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In the rapid pace of modern life everyone should be able to take breaks and relax. A cozy and quiet place where you can stop for a moment, thoughts run and forget about everyday life - is the perfect solution for your holiday. It is in such moments, pleasant atmosphere of the massage Kiev salon "Gloria" would be the best option.

Massage - it is improving a procedure that is extremely beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the human body. It can strengthen and relax - it depends on applied technology. Massage Kiev salon "Gloria" today is a very popular service. No wonder the massage is used from time immemorial.

Classic massage

Massages can be tonic. As a rule, they are conducted with the use of aromatic oils, creams, ointments or special designed to enhance the effect of massage. Also have a tremendous impact special devices that are experienced massage Kiev escort can use during a session. In a classic study of massage available all parts of the body in massage Kiev salon "Gloria". During the procedure, apply effective methods of influencing his hands. It can be stroking, kneading, etc.

Classic massage can excite or relax the nervous system. It is recommended to all, without exception. This type of massage can focus on just one area of ​​the body. Thorough kneading at this point helps to relieve pain in the neck and relax the entire back. This massage is recommended by clients, who spend most of your day is carried out in a sitting position.

Erotic massage

The healing properties of the erotic massage long been known. It has a positive impact on the entire body, relaxing and recharging it with energy in massage Kiev salon "Gloria". Typically, a session of erotic massage begins with a classic. You can select the session in two or four hands. Accordingly, to perform massage is a massage therapist, or paired with Kiev escort. Which option to choose - this is a personal matter for each client. Undoubtedly, the session is in two hands is much more effective as a restorative effect on, and the richness of feeling.

The effect of classical massage procedures depends largely on the strength of the hands and skillful movements of Kiev escort girls in massage Kiev salon "Gloria". After careful consideration of all the classic techniques of the body, masseuse gently transferred to the movements designed to relax the patient.

Erotic massage - is the art of touch, which gives you an extraordinary range of experiences. It includes a range of skilled sensual strokes. Moreover, skilled girls own light touch technique that can put you into a state of euphoria in massage Kiev salon "Gloria". Erotic movements are performed in a certain sequence and with the right rhythm. Thus, the girls are making the excitation and relaxation of the client. Skilled masseuses are doing everything to bring him an incredible session of sensual sensations.