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Would you like to throw into an earthly paradise? Attractive Kiev escorts and boys of massage Kiev salon "Angel" invites you to a physical world of the Eastern erotic massage. Kindhearted hands will treat you by their tenderness and give the feeling of satisfaction and joy of life.

For people who feel overburdened, fatigue and lack of energy. Service of massage Kiev salon "Angel" is for those who do not have the time and the right to be ill, wishes to remain young, active and capable.

Showroom is located in the city center. Their spacious comfortable rooms are in uninhabited fund with a separate entrance. Inside, seven massage rooms, PE you can come to massage Kiev salon "Angel" with your friends and Kiev escorts. The room interior meets all health standards; only use disposable sheets and slippers and towels, the last antibiotic treatment.

Besides classical massages salon offers eastern species with the use of bioenergy (Tantric, Shiatsu), as well as erotic massage which plunge into the mysterious world of magic and passion of sharp (Indian, Muladhara, Thai, body), as well as aromatherapy and spa programs for people who feel excessive strain, fatigue and lack of energy.

Massage Kiev salon "Angel" appreciates your attention, creates all conditions for your comfortable rest with Kiev escorts. Visit massage Kiev salon "Angel" and you feel like a young, cheerful, beautiful, strong and healthy!

Erotic spa program - is a complex of five eastern massages.

The methodology selected by the best practices of Thai, Chinese (twins), massage, shiatsu and ayurveda.

This massage technique allows for a short period of time most efficiently restores power, increase vitality, eliminate stress and the effects of stress, and tone muscles.

Nothing is not effectively helps you to relax and restore the normal functioning of the body, as Aroma in massage Kiev salon "Angel"!

In medicine, have long been using essential oils to treat various diseases and to protect the immune system (aromatherapy). The essential oil of plants when applied to the body, gives the body a powerful positive momentum. A special massage technique enhances the action of oils. As a result, the muscles completely relax, relieve fatigue, mood improves, and overall body tone.