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I’m a romantic Kiev escort girl with a very fragile soul. I always am as I am and do not let other people change me. I’m rather independent and appreciate perfection in everything. Every day I try to improve myself and get much and only the best from the world. My passion in life is learning something new, so my studying brings me only joy. I’m not crazy about studying, no, but I just love it. I have enough time and will to have fun after classes. I love to laugh and I’m a member of a young and active group of students who like to make jokes and entertain people from the stage. Making people laugh is so much fun.


Age: 21 years
Height: 173
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: brown


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1 hour: 200$ 200$
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3 hours: 400$ 400$
Overnight: 800$ 800$


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I was having a business meeting and need a girl to accompany me. I needed her to be beautiful and clever in order to charm m business partners and be able to keep a conversation with them. I did the right choice choosing Yana as my escort. She is young and attractive but her sharp mind can everyone amaze. The meeting was held on the highest level and I together with Yana gained great success. After the meeting Yana showed me how she can have fun. I can say she is the best in everything and in having fun and giving pleasure too.Rob /24.03.2012/

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