About me:

My name is Vera and it fully reflects my attitude to life. Yes, I really always have faith in life. I never lay down my arms and try to find the way out no matter how difficult a situation may be. I think such strong faith I have got from my birth and now I make it strong by reading different books on psychology. I really believe that a person can rule its life and build up his or her future with the own hands. Psychology of people fascinates me and now I can say much about the person by the way it speaks, looks, stands, walks or just behaves. I love to read the books on psychology of such famous masters as Allan and Barbara Piz.


Age: 23 years
Height: 174
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: gray


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1 hour: 200$ 200$
2 hours: 300$ 300$
3 hours: 400$ 400$
Overnight: 800$ 800$


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The date with Vera was a real success and I think it all because she is so positive, easy-going, and simple that we have found something in common at first. She is a good psychologist and she knows much about people and their behavior. It was so interesting to talk with her. She told me shortly about the books she has read on psychology. I must say I would like to read them too. Surely we were not only talking all the time. We have had a romantic supper and then not less romantic night together in an intimate atmosphere.Jevgen /02.02.2012/

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