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I’m an unusual Ukraine escort girl Sasha. My unique personality I try to express in everything I do, eat, drink, wear, listen, watch, and play. I won’t open all my secrets here for you but something I will tell you. I will tell you about my passion in life. It is not knitting or embroidery, it is watching cartoons. Yee, I love it. I just adore modern cartoons. They are so funny, professionally made, and contain deep and wise thoughts. I think that such cartoons can teach much not only children but also grown-ups. My favorite is "Wally". Oh, how romantic is the story there, not in every drama you can find so many feelings showed and expressed. One cannot help crying at the end of it. maybe deep inside I’m still a child.


Age: 24 years
Height: 173
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: brown


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1 hour: 200$ 200$
2 hours: 300$ 300$
3 hours: 400$ 400$
Overnight: 800$ 800$


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The meeting with Sasha was unforgettably cool. She is so unusual and interesting. I was amazed by her beauty and intellect. We were having fun and doing stupid mad things together like two kids. We have visited unusual places and where watching the premiere of the third part of the cartoon Madagascar. Frankly speaking I liked it. The story is so funny and at the same time wise that all the grownups were having pleasure from watching it together with children. Now I understand Sasha’s passion for cartoons. And I’m fascinated by Sasha. She is the most funny and positive girl I have ever met. Rob /28.06.2012/

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