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Hi there! I’m a luxurious Kiev escort model Nataly. Well, a few words about me. I’m a funny person who always is in a good mood. I always have many fresh and interesting ideas how to have fun, sometimes even wild fun. I enjoy really much to go to night clubs and party there till the sun rises. I like to drink tasty and unusual cocktails and enjoy dancing to the club music. Yes, I can say I’m a party animal. I can’t imagine spending a week without going to party in one of the night clubs. Sometimes we organize so to say house parties with my friends. I love it too. Then I can do everything to my taste. You would surely enjoy partying with me as I know everything about it.


Age: 25 years
Height: 173
Hair color: dark
Eyes color: gray


incall outcall
1 hour: 300$ 300$
2 hours: 450$ 450$
3 hours: 550$ 550$
Overnight: 1000$ 1000$


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With Nataly the meeting was a real success. I will never forget her beautiful fascinating eyes full of wisdom. She was accompanying me at the meeting that was really decisive and important for me and my career, so I needed everything to be perfect. That’s why I visited the site and have chosen a perfect girl for it. Yes, Nataly is really perfect. She has perfect body, incredibly beautiful appearance, and sharp mind. With her help everything was super successful and I have signed an important contract. After that we have had a great time relaxing and celebrating our small victory. I can say Nataly knows how to organize an unforgettable celebration. Ed /19.06.2012/

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