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I’m a sporty Ukraine escort girl Lola. I always like to keep my body and soul in good shape. I that not very easy job sport helps me much. I go info basketball. This is a team game and it disciplines me and helps to find common language with other people. It also helps to give more trust to others and do not be afraid to trust and open you to someone else. Having played basketball I have learned how to lose and win with dignity. This experience of playing in the team helps much in life as I behave in it as on the basket-ball ground. I also like to watch basketball plays on TV. My favorite player is Tony Parker and the team is of course Dream Team – the best basketball team in the world.


Age: 23 years
Height: 174
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: gray


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1 hour: 200$ 200$
2 hours: 300$ 300$
3 hours: 400$ 400$
Overnight: 800$ 800$


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The time I spent with Lola was incredibly interesting and pleasant. She is really so sporty and active and I adore sport too. I don’t play basketball now, but I used to play it at school and now I like to watch it on TV. So, with Lola we have had many common topics to discuss and decide which team and player is the best. I just was charmed by her sporty and slim figure. She has to be disciplined and concentrated while playing, but with me she could set her spirit free. We were just having mad fun. She showed me the best places for good and interesting rest. I was so happy to meet with her and would like to do this once again. Michael /15.01.2012/

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