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Hi, I’m a young lovely Ukraine escort girl with a romantic name Eve. I’m sure you would like to get to know more about me. I’m simple easy going girl who can find common language almost with every person. I appreciate other people and accept them the way they are. I don’t try to change or teach them as every one of us is a personality and we form our world view according to our principles and knowledge. I think it is egoistic to try to press your advice on someone else. What I really like to do is to read books in the genre of fantasy. This is the world of wonders and unusual otherworldly events that fascinate me. Here my soul rests from every day routine and problems.


Age: 22 years
Height: 172
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: green


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1 hour: 200$ 200$
2 hours: 300$ 300$
3 hours: 400$ 400$
Overnight: 800$ 800$


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I really enjoyed the meeting with hot young student Eve. She was unusually nice and pleasant. It was easy for us to communicate and discuss different topics. I did not like the fantasy genre of books, but after she told me many details about it I did not know, I decided to try to read it too. But we were not only talking all the time. We were having fun in the most interesting and fascinating places in the city. I was charmed by her gorgeous body and beautiful eyes. I kissed her lips and they are soft and warm. The time with Eve was marvelous and will stay in my memory for a long time. Nick /13.06.2012/

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