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I’m a charming active Kiev escort girl with thousand ideas in my head what I can do to have fun and be always in motion. I don’t like to sit at home and knit socks. I really like adventures and know how to enjoy and appreciate every minute of my life. That’s why my engagement is travelling. Oh, it is so fascinating and unforgettable to go to another country and get to know it and the life of its native livers from inside, to taste their dishes, to watch their way of life, their culture, and traditions. Sitting at home we do not imagine how many interesting things, places, and people there are in the world. My spirit is adventurous and I like to be every day in another place.


Age: 22 years
Height: 172
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: gray


incall outcall
1 hour: 300$ 300$
2 hours: 450$ 450$
3 hours: 550$ 550$
Overnight: 1000$ 1000$


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Hello. It was really worth visiting this site as with the help of it I have met the girl I was always dreaming about. Her beautiful name I will not ever forget – Dina. She is really charming and very active. I adore it as I myself also don’t like to sit on one place. We actively spent the time together. She showed me many beautiful romantic places and told many interesting and fascinating stories. She has visited many different places in Ukraine and abroad and me too. We were recollecting in memory the most striking moments and places and found out that we have much in common. In bed she is also very active. David /10.03.2012/

Well, with Diana we were partying all the time after the business meeting. Oh, she is the best in organizing and choosing the places for parties. I just enjoyed my time with her to the fullest. She showed me the night life of Kiev from the best side. I was not standing in long lines in order to get to some elite club. All the doors of all the clubs are opened for Diana. She is full of energy and youthful ardor. This is of course not the only thing I like about her. She is incredibly beautiful and interesting. One cannot be bored with her. She always knows what to do for fun.Larry /29.06.2012/

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