Stargazing on the roof

This scenery is simple, unique and it is quite cheap. It is also omnified – you can celebrate usual date or some holiday, date of your meeting, first kiss, sex or meeting.  Pay attention on event, women just melt when men in spite of all prejudices remember dates. Work hard one time and remember. It worth’s your efforts.

Here is the list what you need:

— roof

— tent

— table and rug with pillows

— set of cutlery and napkins

— sky Chine lantern  in the shape of heart

— Champagne and snacks

organize for her unusual dinner. But tell no word that you are going to make a surprise. Find high roof; be sure that it will be opened at night or in the evening. After that you should just prepare romantic dinner.

Set a tent, put pillows and warm rugs in it. But do not forget than on the roof you do not have things to fix your tent, so take some ropes and hoop it beforehand or just put something heavy in a tent. Better use some fishing tent of middle size (you can roll it easily, by the way you do not have to prepare previously and you can put it in light special bag).  You can display it in few minutes, fix it inside by something heavy, and hoop for reliability and you stargazing tent is ready. 

Nearby put the table and cover it like in a restaurant. If you do not like or cannot cook you can order food in a restaurant. Or just prepare something yourself. A lot of things depend on the time of the year. In winter you can prepare east dinner right in a tent, but beforehand heat the tent, inside should be warm and comfortable.  In summer a tent is useful, because you can stay on the roof till sunrise. Also you can ask your best friend to play the role of a waiter during your romantic date.

Lead your beloved partner on the roof without any explanations. Just say that it is very important and she will not regret about it. And further everything is your play. Impress and made impressed.

But at the most important moment do not forget to light sky Chine lantern in the shape of the heart. Offer your girlfriend inflate this heart together as the symbol of your love or friendship.

As you see, if you want to impress woman, you do not have to be a genius or have a lot of money. Women are impressed by attempts of men, attention and when they are ready to do something unusual for them.