Romantic dinner. What can be better for romantic date?

Organizing of romantic dinner is quite simple thing to do.

Everything what you need are a little fantasy and of course you understand that on dinner you have to spend some money and time. But waste of both worth the result, because at the end you will get not only pleasure from time spending together, but it is also a great opportunity to possess your partner in all meanings of this word. 

You can serve the dinner even on your balcony but if it is wide and the season is warm enough. But better let’s talk about dinner at home, on usual table, which soon will get unfamiliar at all. Of course you should tidy up the flat or as minimum that room where you are going to organize romantic dinner. After this hard job decorate the table. First of all cover it with beautiful cloth, what about color, better use white one, because it is relaxing color.

Then everything is very simple – put candles (two is enough, but if you want you can use more), candlesticks, if you do not have them, better go to the shop and buy just beautiful candles, thanks God  in our time we have a lot of them. At flower shop buy one rose (you can buy more, it depends on you amount of money). In the middle of the table put beautiful vase (but not very big), water it and add aspirin pill, it not only will clean tap water and also help rose to be fresh longer. As usual roses are sold very long, so with help of scissors make it short in such way, to see your partner’s face opposite you.  Not far from rose put candles – one on your side, the other on the side of your partner. Put plates on the table and set of cutlery. At all, create simple but attractive table without any extra details.

In the menu of you romantic dinner include light dishes, better fish dishes or seafood, something like  prawn with rise. It also can be even canape. You can drink any wine but it should be high quality.

You should serve the dishes when your partner arrives, another way they will get cold. Serve dishes one by one, not all together.  In the room you should feel pleasant smell, you can buy some oil or spray, which will work automatically.

And of course one of the main things in romantic dinner is music. Music should be relaxing, something like light jazz or blues. After all these efforts luck will be on your side and everything will be fine.