Romantic date on the bank of the river

Undoubtedly each of us soon or late worried a lot before arranging romantic date. However men feel big tense because exactly they are the initiators of the romantic meetings and organizers of appointments. But what to do if a woman decides to arrange a romantic appointment? How to prepare the unforgettable meeting with a beloved man?

Here are few simple advices which will be able to conquer the heart of any men. In case if you prefer an impromptu (and it not bad turns out for you), it is easy for you, however will consider the case of beforehand organized romantic appointment.

You can always do it original, if you bring a bit mystery in it. An excellent variant will be a romantic appointment on the nature. Thus for a picnic the best of all it will be to choose some new, unknown for a partner place, for example, age-old monastery, beautiful lake in country or small island on the river.

By the way, it is needed also to think about romantic reason for an appointment. It can even be «meeting of the first day of summer» or, for example, «anniversary from the first kiss». If you decide to purchase a telescope and take it with you, you will be able whole night to stargaze together with a beloved man. Who knows, and suddenly at this moment you will see how a comet flies which until now nobody discovered yet.

And if these astronomic supervisions yet will be accompanied by a supper on nature, by sunset, be sure, what both of you will never forget an appointment. Sure, in winter when it is 30 degrees below zero it will spoil your stargazing date, and in case that the weather is nice, you can bravely go on the beach of the river.

For a dinner it is possible to take with you the bottle of red wine, sandwiches, few salads and warm rugs under which you two together will be able to get warm from an evening cold. You should remember that your primary aim is not to eat, but to be together with the beloved partner and run away from all problems and anxieties. Make a fire and sit near it comfortable.

Does not worth in such moments to concentrate on some serious things, be a bit carefree children and in love pair simultaneously. Raising a glass of wine for the common future, you will be able to present a fairy-tale to your beloved man. Here it is possible to forget for a short time about the rules of decorum and other bans. Because you are here alone, do not be shy!