Picnic as the rest on the nature and a variant for a romantic date

After wedding, daily businesses very quickly destroy all romantic and fairy-tale relationships between a husband and wife. It is perfectly, if you are able to combine work, home tasks and spent time pleasantly with each other. But if you forgot, what romanticism is, then spring romantic picnic would be the best solution of a problem. After that you will feel the new breathing of love and passionate to each other. Make an appointment your beloved partner!

In order that a picnic did not grow into the ordinary eating of meal on the nature, you should think about everything beforehand. First of all, find the best quiet and picturesque place for a picnic. If it is located not far from your house, then you will get there without any problems by walking. If you do not have any meadows or forest near you house, then you should think about taking bicycles for a rent or taking a taxi, because if you will drink some wine on the picnic, it is already impossible to drive home, because it is dangerous for you, your partner anв other drivers on the road. 

The following stage is collection of prophetic daily necessity: rug which you will sit on, devices from which will eat and drink, and napkins. If to pack all of it together with a meal in the basket of the «American» type, it will be even very attractively. 

Try to avoid your meal grow into usual dinner, it is necessary carefully to take only a «romantic» meal with you. So, it is possible to order rolls with home delivery and to take them with you on the nature. They are very easy and delicious. It is very important to take fruit, for example, bananas or strawberry. In combination with creams they will create an unforgettable atmosphere of your romantic picnic. 

Charge you partner to purchase good red wine, and, adding it to the dessert, you will get an unforgettable romantic atmosphere on the nature. 

You remember that to create a fairy-tale in everyday life, actually, is very simply, you should desire it and everything will be fine.