Flights in Wind Tunnel

If you are bored with all the traditional types of rest, if you don’t want to seat at the bar desk with your lady today, so we have got an interesting and quite unique suggestion. Try an active and unusual kind of rest – a flight in a Kiev wind tunnel. It is open for all who want to experience a feeling of free flight. This effect is produced by powerful stream of air in the tunnel. A lot of enthusiasts have already tried this activity, so don’t miss the opportunity!

The wind tunnel is located near the sport complex "Chaika". The tunnel diameter is 3 metres, while the air flow width is 2,5 metres. Maximum speed of the air flow is about 200 km an hour. From both sides the tunnel is enclosed with wire netting, so the procedure is absolutely safe. The flights in the wind tunnel are seasonal. Its work starts with the temperature not less than 3 degrees above zero. However, working personnel are ready to consider all the clients’ proposals.

The tunnel can be used both by average tourists and those people, who intend trying parachute jumps. If you have got an idea of booking some spicy Ukraine escort, so a visit to the wind tunnel can become a special surprise for your lady. Being rather extraordinary, our Kiev escorts like everything unusual. And the free flight in the tunnel is something like that. Our sporty and classy Ukraine escorts have real thirst for adventures. You can make sure that your busty Kiev escort will feel especially excited if you suggest her making such a flight. The state of extreme excite is appropriate for amazing sex. So, do everything to make your appealing Ukraine escort especially agitated. Then ask her to do anything you want. Ukraine escorts try to satisfy their clients fully. Experience the most unforgettable sex with one of astounding Kiev escorts from our Kiev escort agency.