Sorry, Babushka

Everyone who hears the name of this club often asks to repeat it once more. Except for the name, the entire "Sorry, Babushka" (in translation "Sorry, Grandma") club is probably one of the most unusual clubs of the capital. And this can be seen by the very title. A very noticeable feature is the fact that the place does not put restrictions on the entrance for anyone – all people are welcomed. But, as in any such entertaining center, there is a face-control. So no matter who you are, dress appropriately.

The interior of the club "Sorry, Babushka" is impressive in its variety, which does not allow visitors to get bored and change the location. The building itself is conveniently divided into three floors, each of which is a separate sitting area where you can easily find a place for your company or guests. The first zone is erotic bar where the best dancers tirelessly will surprise you with a variety of their choreographic possibilities. Here is exactly the place where you can once more be assured that Ukrainian escort women are the most beautiful. For closer acquaintance contact Kiev escort girls and get the sexual practice with experienced hot escort girls of any kind – busty, slim, tall etc.

Well, from the first zone you can go on to club-restaurant, interior design of which is kept in style of disco of 80's and 90's. Here you can listen to the old nostalgic hits and at the same time have tasty snack. Your choice can include not only European dishes, but also somewhat oriental because chief cook is very skillful and creative person, enthusiastic in his work. Then you can go to the VIP rooms, which are located on this floor for a solitary conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, especially when you are with Ukrainian escort girl.

The top floor has all the space occupied by a huge stage. And this is not just because the weekend club "Sorry, babushka" invites the celebrities that brighten up your leisure time at the highest level.