It can be called one of the youngest nightlife locations in capital of Ukraine, which notwithstanding its short existence gained glory and reputation of the most advanced nightlife location. Audience of "Saxon" is mainly young people who appreciate good music and a cozy environment. Incidentally, the interior of the club does not only please, but even surprises everyone who firstly comes inside. Because, as a rule, night clubs are all very similar, but it is this place that is distinguished.

As soon as you enter, you immediately see the scale everything is placed and equipped. A large area, where can be comfortably accommodated many visitors, does not create a suffocating atmosphere. Steps, walls and other decorative elements are made in the ancient style, reminiscent of the medieval castle. Knightly shields and armor, which are hung on the walls, support the idea of dignity, fighting and knights. Special pride of place is a large fireplace, which is located in the center. It makes the atmosphere of the club more comfortable and heartwarming.

The presence of three bars is great advantage, so there is no queuing for drinks or a stampede near the counter. The club has two large dance floors that just make your body feel the music and move with it in rhythms. And when you are exhausted after wild and energy dancing you can want to rest and gather strength for the new round, you urgently need to visit lounge area. And it is just around the corner, so you can relax in quiet environment and enjoy a drink. And here you can buy a drink for you beautiful lady from Kiev escort girls. Be sure escort girl will be eager to thank you in many imaginative ways.

And in case you want have more nourishing meal without leaving the walls of the club, you can just move nearer to the kitchen, in this room you can order some delicious dishes and have a romantic dinner with Ukrainian escort girl, for example. There is also a billiard table there. In other words, "Saxon" is the place where you can diversify your leisure time in many ways.