Joss club

In truth, "Joss club" has for many years been not so much a club as a whole entertainment complex, which cannot leave indifferent fans of quality rest and pleasant meal. But it all started with the club, which has been since 1993, and still is not closing its doors to visitors. For a long time many things had changed, but these changes have led only to an improvement of the situation, and the Joss club has become a comfortable and understandable location for any person with any requirements and wishes.

So it is not surprising that in the Joss club everything is done for the convenience of its visitors. For example, the dance floor can become absolutely anywhere on its territory, it is just necessary to tell the staff that you would like to dance there and not here. For devotees of erotic dances, the Joss club introduces special shows which begin each day after ten at night. The fans of adult entertainment cannot be bored. And if you want to have some private show or erotic performance, contact Kiev escort agencies and make your choice among wonderful, talkative Kiev escort girls. The unforgettable erotic or striptease dance only for you is assured, and with Kiev escort girls the pleasure is not restricted to watching.

In the Joss club you can indulge in delicious cuisine of different nations of the world that will not leave you non-sated or indifferent. The staff is always welcoming and smiling, most of beautiful waitresses speak English and are fast and understanding.

Of course, as in any club there is a great bar, which will please you with a great selection and quality of offered drinks. Since this complex combines club, restaurant and bar, then it is possible in addition to the above mentioned services and activities to play all sorts of games, such as billiards, darts and more.