Disco Radio Hall

Night club "Disco Radio Hall " is made in the best traditions of clubbing! The ceiling is high enough, design is made in the style of Hi-Tech, there are two bars, original furniture, large dance floor, a powerful sound system, all this and more specially designed for best spending of time!

Professional bartenders, waiters and stylish best DJs of the country will not allow you to remain indifferent to what is happening, as the positive atmosphere relentlessly influences everyone who comes here and challenges the routine!

The club premises have the capacity to accommodate 600 people. The average age of visitors and clubbers is 18 - 25 years. Face control is serious here. There are often a lot of companies with Kiev escort girls. You can recognize them because Ukrainian escort girls are perfect and beautiful, open-minded and desired. And they always make all companies witty and raise the mood of surrounding people. And after clubbing you can go with such sweet escort girls to hotel room and continue your relaxing.

Team Disco Radio Hall is welcoming and skillful.

The place is famous for colorful and luxurious cocktail parties. Concerts of Ukrainian and foreign pop singers regularly are held at the club and there is always full house. Nice atmosphere, courteous and attentive staff, all the favorite music and colorful show program leave no one indifferent.

In such a place you can relax and make your body and soul balanced, everyone who visits Disco radio hall certainly will come here again. The club works from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. There are few TV-screens and some tables for having a dinner. The kitchen in this club services fresh and tasty dishes.

There are special nights of discounts and sometimes the Disco Radio Hall club opens its doors for everyone.