Decadence House Club

The Decadence House Club in Kiev belongs to the network of “Carte Blanche”. It is a whole complex for rest located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the “Arena Entertainment”. If you are full of energy, love nice music and have desire to experience new emotions, come to the Decadence House Club! It is filled with sensuality, thirst for pleasure and adventures, freedom and joy. All these features make visitors of the club real decadents. Don’t be afraid to reveal your true desires and have the rest you like. Everybody can express himself here without a fear of being joked on. Here they give you absolute freedom in actions.
Dress code and face control are provided at the entrance to the club, so you can be sure your company will be just like you: jolly, vigorous and easy-going. Managers of the club invite all fashionable, bright and adventurous personalities to enjoy amusing parties each Friday and Saturday. The Decadence House Club is a place where all the favourite kinds of modern entertainments are combined perfectly for your pleasant rest.

Best DJs are engaged in the club, so even if you think you don’t like dancing, they will persuade you to take part in the splendid action, by all means! Beautiful dancers, variable cocktails, best club music and simply the friendliest atmosphere will make you become a frequenter of the Decadence House Club.
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