Casa Cubana

A lot of night clubs are quite similar to each other, even though they are trying to somehow stand out from the crowd of similar locations. But not every entertainment place can offer exclusive service, original design and concept and convenience for every customer. But there is one of the best examples of such club - not typical "Casa Cubana Club", which is set up not only to amuse its guests in ordinary meal-drink-background music way.

If your soul is young in spite of any age and your body wants to merge together in a dance together with the music, the club "Casa Cubana" is just for you. There are lots of compelling reasons for this statement. To begin with, the very special atmosphere of this place is striking in its realism, at once, as soon as you get inside. The club is made in the Latin American style, which is very unusual in the Ukrainian capital, because most nightlife places are typically European. But what is important, that there is a huge dance floor, which has enough space both for professional and novice dancers.

Since "Casa Cubana" is a Latin American "island" of culture and traditions, and music here is appropriate. The diversity of styles can please even the real experts in this field.

As has been already said, "Casa Cubana" is not a simple club. Here you can not only dance, but also develop your passion for learning Latin dances. All the time in the club are present professionals and instructors, who will be happy to help you.

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Of course, here you will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of unusual cocktails mixed with the virtuosity by the bartenders for you to quench your thirst. So if your body asks to move - do not deny it, come to the "Casa Cubana"!