Bourbon club

This place can be called home of creative people who want to realize their possibilities and develop their abilities, or to see how others do it. Therefore, to the typical night-life clubs "Bourbon club" can not be referred. This place is visited by creative people who are interested in a variety of manifestations of art in general and by those who want to have good time in unique place.

The club constantly invites popular musical groups, bands and artists to perform and the fans of live music will be pleasantly surprised. But the music is not the only brilliant thing the Bourbon club can offer. Regularly hosts art exhibitions in different fields are held here. So if you are a fan of visiting the exhibitions but also like to have a drink during it – the Bourbon club offers great choice of dishes and drinks.

But, first of all, the club is not just gallery, where you can come and look at something. Here you can discuss what you have seen with supporters and friends in a pleasant atmosphere.

Of course, do not forget about the excellent cuisine that can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Since people who go here belong to very different social classes and individual preferences, the variety of food is appropriate. You can taste Japanese or European cuisine.

It is worth noting that the place is very notable for its interior among the other clubs in the capital. Here you can see a combination of dining environments of the last century and modern design, which very easily found its reflection in the bar. It is made of a very brave and creative combination, which underlines once more all the creative atmosphere of the Art Club "Bourbon".

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