Bionica is considered to be a fresh night club where everyone can find their place! It is situated near students‘ campuses of two large Kiev national universities. So there are a lot of young people there, always so lively and energetic. Therefore, the colors of the club are green and yellow, identified with nature and growth, energy and youth. It was Mr.Solnarevym, one of the brightest modern designers who did his best in developing of Ukrainian fresh brand club Bionics. His specific way of thinking has led to interesting design solution that was used to create the concept that distinguishes it from most of the clubs, designed for electronic music format. The design is original andmade-up for music streams, making the complex of Bionica be felt as harmonically composited item..

The two floors, area of two 630 square meters,become dislocation of a restaurant (Lounge Bar), a karaoke bar, a dance floor for VIP-persons and the main dance floor. Each of the rooms in combination with each other creates a complex for different people. The main concept and music format of Bionics is pop music in all its forms. That pop format becomes so powerful argument that even the clubbers that love drum’n’bass or rap come to this club.

The second vital component of Bionica’ atmosphere is the mode of operation, which radically differs from the schedule of most nightclubs. The club opens its doors at 11 a.m., the club Bionics offers its visitors a comfortable restaurant with a wide selection of food and drinks menu. Also here you can smoke hookah, which is one of the best in Kiev served during the day. At 9 p.m. begins the work of the Karaoke Bar then changes into disco. At the same time opens the main dance floor, capacity of which is more than 400 people.

To ensure maximum comfort and safety of clients at the club operates face control & dress code. Be sure that with Kiev escort girls you can enter any club and have nice time speaking, drinking and relaxing. Thus whether you are planning to spend the whole night dancing and clubbing, drinking and relaxing, smoking Hookah with your friends and Ukrainian escort girls, Bionica is a stylish place to consider.