This place has been around for over fifteen years and during this period has brought a lot of positive mood to all its visitors. It is necessary to note that the inner content and philosophy of the place are a little different from similar locations in Kiev. Interior and cuisine are closer to U.S. standards that are quite unusual for capital of Ukraine where everybody tries to be true European.

But it is absolutely no confusion - all visitors and staff at the club "Bingo" behave like one big happy family that cares about each other. The kitchen can pleasantly surprise with cocktails that you can not find anywhere else. The same original way is put to cooking of various dishes. The branded course is a juicy meat steak. It can be cooked for you in any way you like – half-baked, with blood etc., professional chef knows any recipe.

The "Bingo" is not only pleasant place to eat, but also to look at what is happening around. According to your wishes, you can move to a strip bar and admire the beauty of the dancers. If you want to socialize with such beautiful dancers closely, find Kiev escort girls from various Kiev escort agencies and have a great time dancing, having sex, massage and relaxing.

Or in Bingo club you can just dance in rhythms of your favorite music. And even if you become tired a bit, you can change the activity in the most radical way - to play a couple of games of billiard/pool. It is worth stating that the size of this entertaining place and the selection of tables for the game are impressive. So you can come here solely for the game and enjoy the atmosphere of the club.

Besides all this, "Bingo" is not simply an entertainment venue; it also is well-known huge concert club in Ukraine. Different concerts and music performances take place here every month. You can easily spend your spare time here with Kiev escort girls or book few tables for corporate party with making a call and negotiating with the administration, which will provide you with all necessary assistance.