Any person sometimes needs to relax and spend time with maximum pleasure and at the same moment with activity and energy. The best combination of rest and action is going to dance night club. So if you are on business trip or just want to have fun in the capital of Ukraine there are a lot of places where to go in the evening.

Night life in Kiev is always active and hot, especially when you want to dance, drink cocktail or shot of whiskey, watch some programs and look at beautiful Kiev escort girls. Night clubs in Kiev offer a wide range of activities for variety of interests. There are more than 90 nightclubs, which have their patrons and fans. Clubbers are mostly youth, but there are a lot of middle age people, among them there are representatives of different social groups of Kyiv residents and guests of Ukraine.

As a rule, night clubs in Kiev begin their work after 9.00 pm. In the Kiev nightclubs there are often several dance floors, a bar and lounge room - a place where you can sit with beautiful Kiev escort lady in a quiet environment without loud music and dancing. The entrance price varies in wide range 30 - 250 grn. Many night clubs in Kiev make special discount for women/men and on certain days they allow free entrance.