Technology of sex

What does it mean technology of sex? The physiology, or rather neurophysiology state that a person in mind has only one pleasure center. Maybe you will be flabbergasted with, that is why the basic laws of gastronomic satisfaction as well as sexual is the same! That is why understanding the causes of satisfaction to find analogies.

Ukrainian girls and Ukrainian women are often told that men almost a virtuoso in the art of sex. They are delighted with what he has great technique sex poses as he knows what is doing unbelievable stunts which had a rich sexual fantasy. And everything else is also at altitude - a romantic dinner, heavenly music, candles, champagne, finally, the luxurious decoration of the bedrooms, in general, all super. In general, almost all this is the magic. The only drawback that Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls actually enjoy sex on a complete zero!

So that technology is not just sex itself is actually outside the reception of a performance technique. But it alone is not closer to the cherished goal - the satisfaction of Ukrainian women and young Ukrainian girls. Most importantly - it is a goal of technology! Each technique has its own task - to help Ukrainian women reach a certain state, a certain level of arousal, or help to achieve a certain level of enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. Without this, the most important skill, even the most advanced technique will cause only irritation and leave Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls unsatisfied. Similarly, in the kitchen should be, firstly, knowledge of purpose and, secondly, the ability to achieve it.

Thus, the perfection of any art is not only a technical thing! Skills cannot be seen externally, they just are not visible, they are hidden, superficially like a pro and a novice do all the same. So you should show your skills to Ukrainian girls and Ukrainian women to make you a Caesar of the forest. Outwardly, everything exactly the same! Maybe even a novice to do so much more beautiful and spectacular takes imagination to make it look superficially more impressive and beautiful for Ukrainian girls. But in general, in the opinion of the all do the same. Different, and fundamentally different, they have a RESULT!