Exchanging partners is becoming the norm among Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls, not only sexual, but emotional life. In the swing often take part a couple of good friends. They have an interest to the company, but sex in some way fill up their relationship. But here are pitfalls. The fear of emotional attachment to their partner to another, which is nothing like jealousy. And it is nothing criminal if you will change your partners especially if there will be Ukrainian women and better Ukrainian young girls. In the swing it is possible. But can it be better that a pair of good conscience can make a "castling" and beat its composition. And although there is a lot of problems along the way - for example, how to divide property, - all this can be solved in the presence of mutual respect. Here the children - it is serious. But here, with enough tact and good will can find acceptable solutions.

The word “swing” comes from English language, 11th in a row whose value in the dictionary, which is indicated as "jargon", which means "the swapping of sexual partners, which is used to submit married couples". You should understand it is very funny and how great it will be if you visit Ukraine and become a swinger with sexy Ukrainian girls or experienced Ukrainian women.

It is found out that the typical American swinger - a man of middle age, about 40 years, two years after studying at the college or institute, about 10 years, consisting of the second marriage and already about 5 years of practicing the swing. Political preferences of American swingers are in the focus of the political spectrum as they are not conservative and Republicans. It is remarkable that the American swinger more than the average American, is in religious association. Swingers are the most liberal in matters of family and sex. They are comfortable with the intermarriage between black and white, homosexual marriages and sex among young Ukrainian girls aged 14-16 years and Ukrainian women.

As for joining a partner to a sexual connection with new partners – Ukrainian girls or smart Ukrainian women, then the agreement and subject to clear limits - here, in general, they go back to an easy fact that "it is not my property".  And it allows you to just see a man in his isolation, his independence. In this sense, as it is, perhaps, strangely and paradoxically - swing training can lead to greater respect for the partner among Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls.