Sex Ideas. Best Movie Scenes. Part 2

Let’s continue reviewing best sex movie scenes ever. Take them into consideration to impress your partner, to try something new or to enrich your intimacies with new feelings and emotions.

  • “The Last Tango in Paris” (“Ultimo tango a Parigi”) was shot in 1972 but it still remains one of the brightest movies including sex scenes. The film is for those who prefer hotter sex; it has become the first movie (non-pornographic) with the anal sex scene. A story is about a 45-year old widower who meets a 20-year old lady. With this girl he spends the brightest moments of his life.
  • “Ask the Dust” tell the story about relations of an Italian man and a Mexican woman whose meeting starts as a quarrel. The best scene is the main heroes’ sex on the sea shore. This fantasy is one of the most spread among men and women. So, watch the film to learn how to make it come true. An experienced Kiev escort may become your best partner for any fantasies. In 2006 the movie was awarded for the scene.
  • “Emmanuelle”. Her lifetime passion is sex; that’s why she follows it all the time. One-night stands, dangerous experiments, lesbian relations – everything can be found in the movie. The film is full of scenes which can easily vary the most boring intimacy. Take into consideration some of them to practice with your gorgeous Kiev escort. This movie is worth watching because it’s the first of the kind and lots of following films are influenced by it.
  • “American Beauty” has received 5 Oscars from the Academy. A 42-year old man sees not his wife in the dreams but his daughter’s friend Angela. She is young and pretty; she looks especially romantic among rose-petals in the bath. But it is only his dream! The hero of Kevin Spacy hasn’t realized his dream. May be, you should try. Imagine the most beautiful Kiev escort in the bath with rose-petals and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • “Eyes Wide Shut” is the film full of scenes with debaucheries. It is difficult to describe but worth seeing. Try to repeat some scenes from the movie. Turn on your fantasy to achieve your dream full of passion and your burning desire to experiment. Hint about this movie to your Kiev escort, you won’t be disappointed!

Whatever you prefer in the sexual life, you’ll find the movie to your likes. There are different hints and techniques to make you enjoy your intimacies to the fullest!