As it may seem strange, but only few have heard about petting, especially Ukrainian girls and intelligence Ukrainian women, and if they have heard, you do not understand what it is and with what it eats. Petting (from the English Pet - "cuddle") - is the deliberate orgasm getting artificial stimulation of erogenous zones. Only Ukrainian women and sexy Ukrainian girls know where they are. More advanced use of the most surprising means, for example, a blow, tickling her eyelashes.

The main advantage - is that after such sex your parents do not become grandparents.

Petting is of three kinds - the so-called petting above the waist, superficial and deep petting. Petting above the waist has its own name - nekking. It is popular among Ukrainian girls. There's partner is encouraged to try to fondle her nipples partner lashes, and the girl with long hair can give a man a lot of pleasant moments of touching his back or chest. Surprisingly, many Ukrainian women can bring your partner to orgasm just a breath in the area of erogenous zones.

The surface is petting through clothes which wake passion up among Ukrainian girls and Ukrainian women. This is what gives piquancy to the situation well, and at the same time and a lot of nice and quite unusual sensations. Of course, this should not be a simple coarse woolen jeans or prickly things. Clothes for this type of petting are to pick up special. It is best of all, if it is made of silk, satin or chiffon. Ukrainian girls find it interesting to touch through the clothes. But Ukrainian women go next. Apart from the usual caresses this kind of petting includes a kind of simulated sex - friction of the genitals through clothing. But again, his hands below the waist do not touch.

Deep petting is perhaps the most piquant. Many Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls use it perfectly. You can do almost everything like soul and body, everything except vaginal penetration.