Magic of a kiss

There is kissing in the meetings and partings, in the moments of great joy and great sorrow. There is kissing, noting the various holidays. Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls do like kissing and do it nearly every day.

A kiss means the touching lips to whom, what-ever as an expression of greeting, love, affection and respect. That is, the kiss is the sort of form of communication between Ukrainian women that helps us to express their feelings and emotions. A kiss can convey many subtle shades of feeling, which sometimes does not express in words: shy, passionate desire, recognition and respect. Beautiful Ukrainian girls and Ukrainian women show their hospitality by kissing.

When you kiss on the cheek, it means that the value the friendship. In various countries, it may be a few kisses, from 1 to 4.  In the Slavic nations, including Russia and Ukraine - kiss three times. So visiting Ukraine, do not be afraid if Ukrainian girls begin to kiss.

A kiss on the forehead is treated as the mother a kiss, it means that you protect and care for you

If you kiss her hand, which means that after you gallantly maintained. Time is now quite rare to find men who practice this kind of kiss. And in high society is a kiss of greeting used in the past when referring to the lady.

If your lover is Eastern woman and kissing your feet, it means respect and obedience.

A kiss on the lips - means one thing - love. Many sexes with Ukrainian girls and Ukrainian women begin with kissing. It means that Ukrainian girls want you.

In the ancient tribes mothers fed their children's mouth to mouth, as Ukrainian women kiss their babies, as well as birds feed their chicks, and eventually developed people turned it into a kiss. Also here can be attributed, and feeding the baby, from birth, the child takes the mother's breast. At this age a child needs warmth, love and food - all of which he receives from his mother's breast - working with his mouth and lips. Thus, the lips and mouth are a form of communication and getting older, the child continues to use them to express their feelings. But Ukrainian women and young Ukrainian girls know how to express their feelings with their body and are ready to show it.