Anal sex

Do you think that orgasms during anal sex - a fairy tale made up by men who like anal sex? It is true! Anal orgasm came up with the men, eager to get women to try it. In both men and women in the anus focused a lot of nerve endings. Ukrainian girls and experienced Ukrainian women deal with it and can tell you about it more.

You may need anal toys, such as anal beads. They are made of plastic, silicone or any other jelly-like material. First, you cautiously enter the beads (after a good brushing them), then pull one bead to enhance the "O-la-la!" Effect ... All beads are well treated and have no rough around the edges; in addition, they are easier to clean, inserted into the anus. They are a plug device with an extended basis (so do not be afraid that this thing gets lost somewhere inside you.) Using them during masturbation, you'll see and feel that your anal muscles actually shrink during orgasm of Ukrainian women. Using them as a preparation for anal sex, you will be able to open a passage for penis for Ukrainian girls.

Some Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls say that by using anal insertion during normal sexual intercourse, how they would feel double penetration and, consequently, have more vivid orgasm. Add a little more grease. Anal vibrators are designed to penetrate the anus. They are smaller (shorter and thinner) than conventional vibrators. Ask about it Ukrainian girls or Ukrainian women, they often use it in sex.

Prelude to anal sex should include everything that you like: cunnilingus (possibly leading to orgasm), clitoral stimulation by hand, lots of kisses and caresses, and, of course, anal massage.

Before proceeding to the most important, make sure you have everything you need, namely a good lubricant; it will help you to make Ukrainian girls or Ukrainian women satisfied. Under no circumstances should you use aromatherapy oils, lotions or petroleum jelly, condom for anal sex that is required in order to prevent the penetration of bacteria into his urethra.

After sex, man shall no case to enter his penis or fingers into the vagina as long as it does not remove the condom and will wash his hands. It is an advice from Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls, use it!