Learn more about sex

One of the most exciting sex parties is the constant apprehension of new mysteries and secrets. However, some features of sexual life may be unexpected and even shocking. You can make such party with Ukrainian girls and Ukrainian women together.

The average citizen of planet Earth has sex 139 times a year. The most "it" makes the French - 167 times a year. But Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls can do it more times if they have worthy partner.

Some parts of the body function better if they do not wash. The vagina is a perfect example of that. It should not be syringe as douching washes away beneficial bacteria and disrupts the acidity, resulting in increased risk of infectious diseases of the genital organs.

Sex with a celebrity is the most common sexual fantasy in the world. In addition, 4 out of 10 people dreaming about sex with partners of their best friends! Or many men are dreaming about a sex with Ukrainian experienced women or Ukrainian young girls.

"Blue balls" - it's not a myth! Discomfort in the male genital organs felt when sexual arousal for a long time does not receive a discharge. In this case, the blood flow to the genitals greater than the outflow; casing the penis is erect and the testicles are filled with blood.

To get pregnant, you may need a healthy pair of 8 months. Before sounding the alarm about infertility, it is necessary to engage in unprotected sex at least a year.

Latex condoms are more environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable, but polyurethane - no. So be attentive with Ukrainian women and Ukrainian girls.

The most popular time for sex is late Saturday night. The most unpopular is the day on Monday. When a cock cries, Ukrainian women get up and are ready to make a man feel a lion.

Participants quick sex, sex between business, momentary, fleeting - you can call it as you like, the essence remains the same. These are situations where the movement of a more appropriate place to speak just once. Do it with one of Ukrainian girls and relax in real.

A special category is automotive sex fans. This is just like having sex is in the car. They possess the inexhaustible imagination, invent and put into life more and more appropriate sexual positions. Some Ukrainian girls and especially Ukrainian women can drive a car and they will with pleasure to get you where you want. Some even try to take the educational mission and bear their knowledge of the broad masses of motorists. In Europe, for example, there is a flourishing school, which trains all conceivable and acceptable methods of this pastime.